Microfinance Software for Complete I.T. Solutions

Improve Your Services with Best Microfinance Software in India

Enhance Your Operational Efficiency

Our microfinance software helps you improve operational efficiency and save your money and time. SigmaIT microfinance allows your business to achieve new heights of success with lower efforts and investment.
Some of our Microfinance Software’s features are;
Use of scanned document to extract accurate data
Mobile apps for data entry
Automatic file and document generation
Digital receipts, eSign, and SI

Take Your Business Next Level with Flexible Workflows

Our best microfinance software helps you keep flexible business workflows to add new products or services and grow your business in a rapid mode. Some of the significant workflows are;
Task framework with auto-allocation
BMPL compliant workflow
Rules engine support

Lower the Risk of Money Loss with Cashless Payment

Using our best Microfinance Software enables you to reduce operational risks with cashless disbursements. SigmaIT helps microfinance companies in India with these great features;
Prepaid cards for cashless payments
Cashless disbursement into multiple bank accounts
eNACH support
Standing instructions support for collection mandates
Use of UPI and payment link for bulk collection
Cash-in-hand analytics
Collection app

Give Your Business New Heights by Engaging BC Partners

SigmaIT microfinance software allows you to take help from BC partners to expand your business on a big scale. Some of its BC capabilities include;
BC & BC commission management
File & API based load management, disbursement or repayment
Mobile app and web app extension to BC partners
Ability to define rules

Cross-sell to Raise Profitability

SigmaIT cross-sell options can help microfinance institutions engage customers for broader financial needs to earn more money. Our microfinance software offers the following cross-sell options in India.
Micro-ATM services to allow customers to operate their bank accounts
DMT or domestic money transfer services
Health & 2 wheeler insurance as per companies’ term and conditions
RD & FD origination
Recharge and bill payment

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